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White Label Solution

International full-service Internet brokerage brokers/span>

White Label Project

IFFX MARKET's state-of-the-art trading platform provides a unique white label program for all types of financial institutions to meet their specific needs and enjoy many of the world's leading STP/ECN technologies, interbank pricing and order fulfillment. . The IFFX MARKET White Label Program allows customers to create their own brand names and help them build brand influence in the Forex market.

White Label Partners are your ideal choice for financial management. You can provide quality services to the following qualified individuals: banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, and other interested investors who invest in Forex, want to grow fast online. Financial institutions for trading services and brokers and trading companies interested in providing customers with a wider range of financial products.

White Label Advantage

Brands directly under the agency

Create your own brand;

Build your brand influence in the financial industry;

Provide customers with a trading platform that labels your brand name and trademark;

Improve corporate image and have more room for development.

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Product customization

Customize the products that are part of your customer base;

You set your own spreads and transaction fees;

Technical services are all personalized;

Provide customers with more choices for a variety of trading needs.

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Market Exclusive

Learn your own customer group information alone;

Free to develop agents and partners;

Master a more robust return and market size;

has a more autonomous development plan and market share.

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IFFX MARKET - A trusted "international cooperation" partner

Leading back-end technical support and clearing support

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