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IFFX MARKET Automated Trading System

IFFX MARKET is pleased to be able to help our clients access the OuTrade system, also known as the Next Generation Image Automated Trading System. OuTrade can help you copy directly to your IFFX trading account (documentary system). You can create your own portfolio without paying any performance or management fees. In addition, since OuTrade runs on a dedicated server on its system, you don't need to install any software to run.

Why is the IFFX MARKET automated trading system an ideal tool for copying transactions?

Show only systems that verify profitability through a rigorous screening process

Show only real trading accounts;

No hidden fees;

provides accurate statistics;

allows you to add and remove any system at any time;

How do I register for the OuTrade automated trading system?

IFFX MARKET new customer

Create your IFFX MARKET trading account
Click on the link below to fill out the online IFFX MARKET trading account application


Create an account

IFFX MARKET existing customers

1. If you are already an existing customer of IFFX MARKET, please send an email to, provide your account number and note The application is placed in the IFFX MARKET Automated Trading Group.

2. Visit the IFFX IFFX MARKET website and link your IFFX MARKET trading account to OuTrade.

Link IFFX MARKET Automated Trading