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MT4 PC end

MT4 is an armored trading software. Its technological phantom is mainly projected on execution performance and spreads. It can enjoy extremely thin spreads when trading in MT4, and experience lightning-fast execution speed and stable trading environment. The MT4 trading interface is clear, intuitive and concise, and includes market quotation charts, position settings, account details, technical analysis tools, major news event reminders, position monitoring, transaction logs, price alerts, email notifications, etc., and supports EA strategies. At present, the trading volume of the MT4 platform is more than 300,000, and it has become one of the most popular platforms on the market.

What are the advantages of MT4

Multiple locales, international mainstream;

Support click-to-trade to place orders quickly;

Effectively capture the market to prevent slippage;

can build your own chart style

Create your own trading strategy;

A variety of technical indicators to support EA programs.

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Why choose IFFX MARKET MetaTrader4

supports multiple account types;

Professional account spreads are as low as 0;

One-click trading, fast and easy;

Allows hedging and supports EA

Technical analysis of 50 indicators;

One account can log in to multiple terminals;

More than 70 traded items including foreign exchange, CFD and futures;

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