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MAM Multi-Account Management System

If you are a multi-account management account or a capital manager, then here is the information you want. Here we provide you with the tools you need to manage your investors' funds and get paid for your work. So, if you are an experienced trader who wants to manage multiple accounts or a capital manager wants to run his own investment model, IFFX MARKET can help.

Unlimited number of investor accounts;

3 distribution options: - foreign exchange holdings - percentage - net asset value;

Number of lots – Standard, small and micro-transactions take advantage of the best configuration;

Allows Expert Advisor (EA) transactions to manage accounts from the client;

Manage monthly, quarterly and annual reports through MetaTrader's easy management client;

accept all normal order types: market price, stop loss, take profit;

accept all unique order types: trailing stop loss, closing positions and closing orders ;

How to operate MAM

You only need to trade through the MT4's main account, MAM software will configure each customer's account transaction according to the size of the account. The IFFX MARKET Multi-Account Manager (MAM) combines flexible distribution methods with real-time reporting of performance and commissions through a simple interface. MAM provides the capital manager with an unlimited number of investment accounts and the performance of the investor account is a direct reflection of the capital manager's transactions. Profits and losses are spread over a single account in proportion to the investment in the account.

Open a live account

The IFFX standard account has no transaction fees, providing customers with fast and competitive bank spreads and liquidity

Open a demo account

For new and experienced traders who want to test their strategy on our platform under real market conditions