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International full-service Internet brokerage brokers/span>

IFFX MARKET provides you with comprehensive service and support


Domestic fund security guarantee to protect the safety of client funds

Real-time billing

The commission is settled in real time, and cash can be withdrawn instantly or transferred to a trading account

Customized commission website

Customize the personalization agency commission website for the broker. The broker can directly confirm the account opening information, trading status and rebate of the customer through the special identification link

Withdrawal offer

The broker commission account enjoys the preferential treatment of the gold deposit, and the broker account withdraws the commission, which can be exempted from the handling fee (accepted by IFFX MARKET)

Management System

Customer relationship management system, customized forex industry, most practically manage customer information and improve efficiency for you

Core Agent Support Program

Training support

The IFFX MARKET agent can apply for the national training base authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, OFP (online financial planner) and OPMT (online precious metal trader).

Technical Support

All-round market support, and we can provide you with 5*24 hours online support during the trading hours of the market. Technically established network support for IB, and also enjoy trading technical support through the Royal Academy of Friends.

Why choose IFFX MARKET?

IFFX MARKET has long been concerned about the development of China's foreign exchange market. According to the market survey of China's foreign exchange agency in 1998-2010, IFFX MARKET has made a business expansion to the Chinese mainland market. Decided, we welcome companies that love the investment industry, have a sense of responsibility to society and the company, and we will provide the following support:

Review your relevant funds and market operations capabilities, and share the business philosophy of IFFX MARKET. In order to establish a partnership

IFFX MARKET will launch promotional activities from time to time to help agents better promote their customers. Product

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IFFX MARKET - A trusted "international cooperation" partner

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