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Account Type

International full-service Internet brokerage brokers/span>

Account Type

IFFX MARKET offers two account types with spreads as low as 0, trading up to 70 currency pairs and gold, silver, global indices and commodity futures, all quoted from top financial institutions. Two account types are selected: a commission-free straight-through STP account and an electronically-coupled ECN account, where the ECN account type has a lower spread.

STP Account

Provide high-quality liquidity through New York (NY4) and London (LD4) with a spread of 1.6. It can protect the interests of traders to a great extent. Without third parties intervening in the trader's order, traders are free to trade. In STP mode, orders are directly connected to the foreign exchange market, and real-time transactions are made. Greatly guarantee the transparency and fairness of transactions.

ECN Account

From 0 spreads, based on a collective quote from a banking institution, the full name is Electronic Communications Network. It is done through close cooperation with banks, institutions, foreign exchange markets and technology providers. The trader's list is directly and anonymously hanged on this network, each list is in the same position, according to the optimization of price and time fairness. Provide better spreads and charge $8 per hand

platformMetaTrader 4MetaTrader 4
differenceas low as 1.6as low as 0
Handling fee08$/Lots
Real accountYesYes
Model AccountYesYes