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International full-service Internet brokerage brokers

Company Profile

IFFX MARKET is a forex brokerage company with a wide range of businesses. With decades of experience in global market leaders, we are also a forex platform formed by a group of highly experienced financial market professionals, including buyers and sellers. The valuable experience of these professionals includes sales, trading, business, and legal compliance. The core of the company's philosophy is integrity, transparency, security and strong competitiveness. There is no trading back-end and any form of trading intervention between the customer and the market.

IFFX MARKET was founded in 2007 and our mission is to provide personalized, award-winning professional services, high-quality transaction execution and transparency to help clients increase the value of their personal portfolio and create wealth in the long run. An online trading service that provides investors with foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil and stock index trading financial products, and a financial services provider that provides professional trading solutions to private banks, hedge fund managers and private investors worldwide. Relying on a professional team of market analysts, superb technical support and a comprehensive customer service system, we provide services to more than 300,000 customers and organizations from more than 20 countries.

We offer institutional-level quotations and deep liquidity, with liquidity providers from many of the world's top investment banks and hedge funds. So we have the best spread price and market depth, and can reduce the transaction costs of our customers, provide better quotes and trade execution. We are constantly striving for excellence in technology and are committed to providing our clients with the best trading environment. IFFX MARKET provides guests with the best MT4 online trading platform, and you can use your trading analysis tools to open your trading journey on the world's most popular foreign exchange trading platform.

Professional Team

IFFX MARKET has the most professional team of analysts in the industry, the most exquisite technical support and the most complete customer service system. All the team members have obtained the national authority certification and industry qualifications.

With an authoritative team of analysts and cutting-edge foreign exchange trading technology, IFFX MARKET stands out among many foreign exchange dealers and has established its dominant position in the industry.

Provide an international mainstream trading system, and provide advanced trading tools that meet the national usage habits of different countries, and strive to create a more comprehensive international standardized Internet brokerage service. At the same time provide mobile IOS, Android, PC, web, WeChat and other advanced tools. Tens of millions of users are online at the same time, fast, second registration, zero start, simple operation, and bring you a fast trading experience.