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International full-service Internet brokerage brokers


Secure, USDT block chain digital currency is a kind of digital currency with constant ratio of US dollar 1:1, which is commonly used in the international market. When you enter gold, you will automatically buy USDT on the digital currency exchange and convert it into US dollar into your trading account.
IFFX MARKET MT4 trading platform can trade foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, and global stock index transactions.
In order to maximize the protection and guarantee your rights and interests, liquidity providers provide price protection mechanism. When all our products are not liquidity within 60 seconds, that is, when the price is not updated, all operations of the commodity (including warehousing building and warehousing) are automatically prohibited, and the operation will show the closure of the quotation or the English words. Mother off quotes, when the price is renewed, the prohibition order is automatically lifted, and all operations can be carried out normally.
IFFX MARKET adopts STP/ECN quotation mode, uses two sets of bridges, links several large LPs, quotes up to 10,000 times per second, promises to trade without jamming and refuses malicious sliding point.
IFFX Ivor platform supports such functions. You should note that although additional functions such as tracking stops and intelligent trading systems are used on your clients, the execution of trading operations is entirely up to you, as they are directly dependent on your customer's trading terminals.
If you are willing to join IFFX AIF as standard IB, you can leave your contact information. We will arrange professional customer manager for you to talk with you in detail.
IFFX MARKET adopts the technology of separating the quotation from the main and the secondary servers, which makes the transaction speed of our users much faster than that of other brokers. The main server is located in New York, USA, to ensure that the quotations from several liquidity providers are received more quickly and directly pushed to the sub-servers. Several sub-servers are distributed in the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and other regions to ensure that local service users can place orders more smoothly and effectively. It avoids the phenomenon of card list and slip point caused by regional differences and network speed delay due to single server and user links.
No, the Commission wallet of IB account can be returned automatically through the account opened through IB agent promotion link.
IFFX Aifu provides the highest security for customer funds. IFFX Aifu cooperates with many international banks to deposit customer funds in independent isolated accounts of first-class international banks ANZ Bank (Australia and New Zealand Bank) and Stanford Chartered Bank (Standard Chartered Bank) and Westpac Banking Corporation (West Pacific Bank), and with IFFX Aifu Gong. The funds of the division are kept separately. This ensures that all retail customer funds are guaranteed in the rare case of IFFX Ivory's insolvency.
Supported by this, your order is to enter the foreign exchange market directly through the liquidity provider without delay in milliseconds.
Your account will be opened within one working day after IFFX Ivor successfully submits the account opening information. After the opening, your account information will be triggered by the encryption system to the account registration mailbox.
To open an account in IFFX Ivory, you need to provide ID card, color photos on the front and back of the savings card, commonly used contact phone numbers and mailboxes to complete the opening of the account.
Within one working day after receipt of the application form and the required files for opening an account, if no supplementary materials are needed, after the opening of an account is completed, we will send the successful mail of opening an account by e-mail, which includes the customer's transaction account number + initial password. After depositing the funds, the customer can log in the transaction software with the transaction account and password. Business.
After IFFX Ivory opened its account, it defaulted to a standard account, with foreign exchange and gold leverage 100 times and other products 50 times.
Yes, the available margin can be deposited according to the customer's needs, without the need to close the position held. For your cash demand, we recommend that you make the cash operation more smoothly when you are empty.
Online cash arrival in time, digital currency cash arrival in the day of operation, international wire transfer generally within four to six working days.
Deposit: free of charge Commission / withdrawal: the first free handling fee per month (calculated according to the natural month, the first-31st day of each month is the natural month). From the second time of the month, each handling fee of $20 will be charged.
Cash processing time is 2 - 3 working days. We will process your application as soon as possible.
IFFX MARKET belongs to the leading international brokerage brokerage brokerage brokerage, referred to as IFFX Aifu in Chinese. Headquartered in New York, USA, with offices in Australia, Canada, Singapore and other countries, it provides world-leading financial and technological products services to all parts of the world. IFFX Ivor Group, Asia Operating Center, is established in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
If your browser in your country fails to use IFFX official website, we recommend that you use Google Chrome browser to download the address
IFFX CAPITAL PTY Ltd. (Australia) is strictly regulated and authorized by ASIC of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. The regulatory number is 001276549.
IFFX MARKET LIMITED (USA) is certified by the National Futures Association of the United States (NFA). The certification number is 0509746.
Iffx capital Pty Ltd (Canada) is under the strict supervision of fintrac with the supervision number of m19809293
IFFX Ivory Group's regional companies around the world are actively subject to strict auditing and supervision by relevant agencies.
You are required to provide this international remittance code to us for verification, and we are also required to provide it to the international bank. According to the principle of anti-money laundering, each of our funds is to provide code for bank audits. You can check from the following website/